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Markie Jones & Tiffany Matthews, Wink Wedding Collective

[00:09] Hey everybody, welcome to Get to Know Your Wedding Pro. My name is Reid with Best Made Videos®. We are a wedding videography company based out of West Seattle, Washington, and I'm here today with Markie and Tiffany of Wink Wedding Collective and I want to thank you guys so much for coming in today. Taking time early on a Sunday when we could be doing lots of other fun things to come in and talk and let you guys introduce yourselves and tell us who you are. What'd you guys do?

[00:34] Oh, okay. Wait, do I get to go first? Tiffany likes to throw me under the bus and put me on the stand right away. So I'm Marcie. I am one of the two lead photographers at Wink wedding collective. I also happened to own my own, my own business, Marquis Jones photography as well as I shoot boudoir when I'm not shooting weddings for. Give me a Wink Boudoir.

[00:58] Um, I love that name, right? It kind of all flowed in together. When we came up with Wink Wedding Collective and there was like, hey, this is cool, I can do this. So, oh my gosh, I'm about me. I didn't rehearse any of this, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to talk about. Um, I am currently engaged. I get married on October 31st, which is Halloween wedding, so I'm definitely not wearing white as dark as I can go. And I have two kids, eight and four and two very large dogs. My small average sized pit bull turned out to be 75 pounds and taller than my chocolate lab. So that's me

[01:42] and I'm Tiffany. So the other half of Wink, I am the enforcer. Essentially. Markie is the creative. I'm the enforcer and my other photography business outside of shooting weddings with Wink is Sashem photography named after my, five of my six kids. I have five girls and one boy. So my kids, Sam, Alaina, Shalan, Eliza and Madison, their initials together, created the word Sashem. So that's where I started. And basically mom of six wedding photographer. That's awesome. Yeah, just insanely busy.

[02:20] Yeah, right. I couldn't imagine we, uh, I was working with a photography team on Friday and they had two kids and I couldn't imagine this. We have no kids, so I couldn't imagine having any kids. Six. That's it. That's the enforcer. Yes. Awesome. Well thank you guys for coming in. Uh, why don't you tell us kind of what got you guys into photography. Maybe we will start with Tiffany and just kind of where that started and then, and then we'll move on from there.

[02:45] So my photography journey as they like to say, started because of those six kids and hideous school pictures. I thought after getting our kids' school pictures back one year, I'm like, I just spent lot of money and these are terrible. So I bought a camera and decided I was going to teach myself how to take pictures of my kids and I started taking pictures of my kids and after a year or so people started offering me money, which I could not believe. I was like, what? You want to pay me for this? Oh Wow. Okay, well this is interesting. So that led to getting a business license and you know, upgrading gear and lots of education and after a couple more years somebody said, will you shoot my wedding? And I was overeager and uneducated and had no idea what that entailed, but like all things in my life, I do nothing halfway.

[03:37] And I said, of course I can. She's not joking. She does nothing happen, nothing halfway. And I jumped in with both feet and I learned on the go and figured it out, which I don't recommend, but somehow things always seem to work out. And after a couple years of weddings I met up with Marcie, so she was actually our family photographer and I met her. I picked her because she had pink hair at the time. That is how we met. I took pictures of our kids and I needed somebody who was a dedicated second shooter for a wedding so that I had planned the following year and we joined up joined forces.

[04:17] And how about you Markie, how did you get into photography? My, uh, my story is a little more involved in that, which is kind of surprising since that was really long explanation there, Tiffany. Um, I actually had, I didn't want anything to do with photography. I was growing up. I was not artsy at all. I really just, it wasn't my thing, my mom was the super creative person and I was just like, nope, I'm going to go into medicine. Well, I went from being a straight a student in high school, graduating with honors and all of those fancy cords they used to give us. I don't know if they do that anymore, but I went to college and in the first quarter I had a d minus average. So my mom's bright idea was that she was going to go through the core college course catalog and she was going to find me a way to bring my grade up.

[05:17] So she puts me in a photography class because she just so happened to have a Pentax k 1000 that still worked from 1970 something. And that's what we needed for this college course. Well, I still barely graduated college, however it was because I was spending all of my time in the dark room editing photos and doing the, like, this was all by hand too. So this was super involved with the trying to burn and dodge and fancy stuff. So I still barely graduated. But um, I ended up with a degree in fine art film and from there my ex husband actually offered me up as a sports photographer, which I had no idea what I was doing. He hands me a canon rebel Xti, which was like, you know, oh, four megapixels was what I had and you know, the Nice Kit, 70 to 300 or whatever.

[06:21] And I shot a sports photography for a pop warner football team for two years with that camera before somebody decided, oh, we want you to shoot our family Christmas photos. And it was just from there. I was like, Oh yeah, sure I can do that. That was the, I look at that session and I still go, I can't believe they paid me. It was only $35. But oh my gosh, he wasn't worth it. So when I got divorced I decided that I was like, really gonna make this a thing and, and it kind of became my side hobby. So eventually it got to the point where I'm like, oh no, this is gonna end up being a full time Gig for me. And so right now I'm phasing out, I'm usually mechanical engineer nine to five, but I'm phasing that out to go into full time photography. So, and I just kind of ended up here. That's how it happened. It just kind of like one thing after another. I just ended up here. I got handed a camera 14 years ago and here we are attending. Here we are.

[07:27] Uh, and then Tiffany, you had said that you also have another family business? We do,

[07:32] we do, yes. My, uh, we own a business called rem flex. My Dad invented it, invented a product and automotive exhaust gasket about 20 years ago and they say they're retired but they're not really go away, won't. So yeah, they're, they're trying to phase out. My husband and I are taking that over so I spend a lot of time, you know, doing taxes and payroll and administering health insurance and non creative things.

[08:03] And then obviously the Wink is, is a great outlet for their creativity.

[08:07] It is, it is. And you've met all of those small business skills that I had that I had acquired before I started becoming a photographer. I think that's kind of what's made the difference for me in terms of actually making money because the small business side of being a photographer definitely cannot be overlooked. The importance of that.

[08:27] Yeah, I think that's true. I mean I joke with Dorothy, my wife a lot, but like if when the robots take over and edit video or whatever like this, you know, the tangible skills of running a business I think will always apply to various different fields. He and I joked about I'll just start like a moving company or something and then just kind of universal. Yeah.

[08:47] And how to find a client and market to them and meet their needs and pay your bills and your taxes. I mean those things are kind of so. Oh, the taxes.

[08:58] Um, so then how did you guys come together? You said that you needed her, that someone to do photos for your family. Yes.

[09:05] So I was specifically looking for somebody who was good at wrangling children because as I said, I have six of them and I found actually, yeah, I had actually just shot a, I'm a viking wedding of all things with.

[09:20] Oh, I think there were like eight groomsmen and eight bridesmaids and the drinking started at 6:00 AM when everybody got up and the flashing photos ended the reception. So there was that.

[09:36] But excuse me. Yeah. So we like when she was looking for somebody good at wrangling kids, one of the photographers that had worked with me for this Viking wedding, which was just a, it was kind of scary when you have eight very huge viking men that um, we weren't talking, we were talking mussels the size of my head and, but I apparently somehow managed to wrangle that entire wedding and they still tell me they loved me. So I obviously did something right. Yeah. I figured if you can handle vikings you can handle my six kids. Her six kids were much easier. Yeah. So very random. Yeah. I had posted in a photography for him that I was looking, you know, looking for a photographer of my own and people kind of throw their names in the hat and I looked everybody over and went with Marcie and that's how we met.

[10:36] And you said, so you were doing photography kind of on your own, needing a dedicated second and I do think that that's because I think photographers do it one of two ways, right? Either you find somebody new, a new second each time or work with kind of a collective of people collection that people or else then you find somebody and kind of partnered together, right?

[10:55] Yes. I think that's for me and my personality, I really am a planner. I really like knowing ahead of time who I'm working with, what their style is, whether I can depend on getting good images from them, how we're going to work together. She's such a

[11:13] planner that she doesn't actually trust my workflow, so I haven't all automated workflow for brides that everything goes out at a specific time leading up to the wedding and she's over here going three days before the email goes out. Did you send this email? I'm like, no, Tiffany, you're too soon.

[11:32] Never too soon.

[11:36] Um, so then when you guys joined forces, let's say it's like an avengers me that bright. Um, is that when you guys kind started either Wink or was that kind of an idea or how did that come about?

[11:46] We shot for one season. We did one season of just back and forth where I was her second, whenever she booked weddings as the primary and she was my second one. I booked weddings as a primary under our individual businesses. And at the end of that year we said this is working really well. And we were, we were talking one evening, I remember I was sitting on the couch and we're talking about an evening and we were talking about how we would love to have a collective and idea of not just to each other that we like to work with, but Dj's, florists, cake bakers, officiants people we've worked with that we trust so that when our couples come to us and say, Hey, I need a recommendation for fill in the blank, we can say, you know, with a lot of assurance, these are good vendors, these are quality vendors. We trust them, we've worked with them, we know they're going to show up the day of. And, and that's pretty much what our goal has been, you know, it's basically to network with vendors, the quality vendors that you can trust so we can give out those names and feel good about them. And so when did it kind of Wink kind of come into existence

[13:00] essentially on our one year wedding shooting together anniversary, however you'd say that. Um, so she actually, during the family session that I shot for her, she comments that she has this vintage Halloween wedding coming up on October 27th of that year and she's telling me about all of the decor and everything else and so I'm literally going, wait, wait, can I come shoot with you? And so I was the third photographer on that wedding because her older daughter was shooting with her for it. So it was basically one of those, it was essentially a trial and then it kind of evolved from there. But it was right around October of the following year that we went, hey, yeah, let's, let's do this. We came up with, um, we kept trying to figure out that that name, picking that name, that was like perfect because it's kind of easy when you do it for your own business, but when you're doing it for multiple businesses together, you're kind of going,

[13:57] oh, and we wanted something playful. Like, we thought that the tagline, we wanted a romantic photography for fun couples. That's who we want to service. We, we like the blue hair and the tattoo. The people who are creative either by choice or by hobby like craft people who are the artisans, the indie artists and you know, people who are also self employed, you know, people will understand and kind of step outside of the box. That's who we really liked to work with. So we were thinking what we want to word that is sort of playful and sort of fun, but also, you know, wedding related or you know, something like that. And so we were just tossing out words and I had said, well what about Wink, Wink Weddings? And Markie is like instantly said, I love it. That's it. Yeah, that's it.

[14:47] And then of course upon research we found that there is already a Wink Weddings on the other side of the country and said, so it was like, well that doesn't work. So we ended up with weak wedding collective because we were like, well we can add more vendors. We want to ask vendors to do that here we have everything you need. You just pick your people type of thing. And how many years ago is that now to. Was it two as too. Because for some reason we've kind of become Halloween wedding pros. We've shot a wedding on Halloween or just days before Halloween that is Halloween themed. That's true. It's upstairs, isn't it? Teaches October. So we're coming up on that again. So it's been two years. Yes.

[15:28] That's awesome. It's funny, I, we, I've only had one halloween wedding in my time, but it was awesome and it was like, you know, we got it on like offbeat bride or whatever, just because, you know, most of, most of the time our weddings are pretty like just, you know, good standard. Like it's, it's just different. It was like she had the black dress and it was like, um, you know, they have like skulls and say. I mean it was really cool. I mean they really, she spent like a whole day in that have decorated and it was awesome.

[15:55] Gosh, that's wonderful. Yeah. I said that's our goal and we're currently looking for that 20, 19 Halloween wedding. Twenty eight. Right. Come on guys. We've, we've had Victorian gothic halloween done. Uh, the very first one we worked together. Everything was 19 thirties, so they had flickering black and white, you know, monster movies and it was very cool. Yeah. And then we have mine on this and we have years this October 31st. So, and it's, I'm not sure how it's gonna end up to be honest from the bride's perspective at this point. We're all going, oh my gosh, let's just get it three weeks.

[16:35] And where is the wedding happening that,

[16:37] um, so actually our wedding is a little bit different. Um, we're getting married in the middle of main street sumner because every year sumner does sumner street at street of treats and it's one of our favorite things to go and take the kids down to and everything else. But they close the street down at 3:30. So my soon to be sister in law is actually on some inner city council. And she went to the city council and she said, do we need a permit to get married in the middle of Main Street? Like inside the intersection? And they basically went, well, when we close the street down it becomes a public park. So the city of Sumner doesn't require any sort of permit for that, so please by all means, go ahead. However, can we all come because it sounds like a really cool idea. So we're essentially doing flash mob style in the middle of Sumner and then we've rented the macmillan grange over in Puyallup for the reception, which I'm pretty sure is super haunted. So I were all excited about this. I'm totally. If you're into the woo woo stuff, please come talk to me. I love the woo woo stuff. My mom thinks I'm insane. But then she also thinks I'm a witch so, you know, I don't know, not sure what to believe there, but I'm so I'm super excited because it, I'm pretty convinced it's haunted. It's going to be fun if Tiffany has any technological issues that day. It just reading it on spirits.

[18:06] Uh, so kind of been getting ready for this wedding and like having gone obviously shot tons of weddings now. Like does that effect. And then I want to talk about Tiffany, about you being married to. Because I just think like with vendors, be married or not, or going through the process or being like all that really reflects, like I've always said I'm a much better wedding vendor now having been married then I was, you know, [inaudible] like you're there and you're like, oh, this is emotional, but you not until you go through it. Right. Or experience it. And so having, like what, what's your thoughts going into this now?

[18:37] Yeah. So this is actually my second marriage. My first wedding, we had 12 weeks to plan. It was literally like getting engaged. Twelve weeks moved to California. Um, so I really didn't, like, I didn't have any planning with that. So before this I was kind of like, you know, now that I have, I've taken an entire year to actually plan a wedding. It's a totally different ballgame. All of this stuff that you have to think about and all of the details that go into planning and into designing your decor and getting your food. And it's all very, very personal to the bride and groom. And so it's Kinda like one of the things that we really like about Wink as we kind of tried to get in on the game with brides and grooms at the very beginning of their planning process due to the fact that we have no problem with a bride is going, hey, I have these ideas, can we bounce them off of you?

[19:34] Because it's really easy for us to go, okay, yeah, and you know, this is a great idea, but something else might not be the best photo wise. So, and that was one of the things that are trying to plan a wedding as a photographer. I'm kind of sitting here going, how is this going to photograph? Like how do I want to do metallic Pumpkin's or do I really want like these random flashes all over the place. So it's kind of given a whole new, like I guess appreciation for those couples who sit there and they do all of the real detail planning and kind of have those couples. Yeah, they, uh, and they, they're really very specific about what they're doing and everything else. Versus when I got married back in 2007 and I just kind of went, I really don't care. Just throw something on the table and our decor in 2007 was I think maybe a table runner and a jar of flowers.

[20:42] So it's, it's actually been really helpful, gives more of an appreciation. And one of the things that you'll notice is um, when Tiffany and I are shooting, Tiffany tends to spend a lot of time in the prep area where the bride is getting ready and everything else. I'm out there like photographing your individual decor. Like if you had something that was super, super special to you that you really took the time to, this is what I want. I'm right there and I may actually be sitting there, you know, moving things around and moving pieces out and putting pieces in because that's what I'm like. That's the part that with planning my own wedding, I'm like, those are the really important parts to me because I put so much thought into the decor. And so it's kind of one of those where you can kind of tell when you're getting to know clients, like who's gonna really be sat on the decor and who's more like, I don't really care about me decor at all. I want you to photograph all the people. So it's a definitely a whole new faces. Appreciation Tales. She is the faces except during couple's portraits. Then I'm the one that's right there in your.

[21:56] So tends to be a little less intimidating than I am. I'm almost six feet tall. So you know, having a six foot tall photographer who's sort of in your personal space sometimes can be intimidating to people. And so I try to let marquee. We kind of have this nice balance and flow. When we're doing really intimate work. I'll put on a zoom lens and I'll stand back so I'm not so abruptly in people's personal space. Whereas Markie who's just physically a smaller person and also a more soft spoken person is not so interested in that process of, of romantic couples portraiture. And I have really good jokes.

[22:38] She thinks she has good job. She says, yeah, they're terrible jokes, dad jokes. I do have dad jokes and I, but I think my favorite is the fact that I've learned, if you can make your couples laugh, absolutely they are so much more comfortable with you. So I will literally, if I'm photographing your wedding, I will get right up next to your face and I will say, okay, you guys are going to make out now and I'm just going to stay here like a creeper and photograph you and there is not a single person who can keep a straight face when you were telling them that you're going to be a creeper right there. So it always makes them laugh and they loosen up and I'm like, it's super awkward, but the photos that come back, there are always. Those are some of the brides favorites usually.

[23:22] Um, my favorite joke when you're doing like the larger family photo, you know, like both sides, mom and dad, whatever. And you say like, all right, this is the most expensive Christmas card you'll ever take. Exactly. And it always gets a laugh and I always tell the photographer you can take that one and use it next time because it always, it always gets a laugh. That's a great joke. I do think

[23:46] just to finish, I didn't have a thought about. I'm talking about decor and stuff. Like I do think it's like so important, like talk to your vendors about what is important or like if you're doing the dance or like your centerpieces or whatever. Like there's so many times because like I have like questionnaires and stuff too. Or I'm asking let me know, let me know, let me know. And then it'll be like wedding day. And they're like hey, so we're going to do this, like really special first dance. And we spent like six months like practicing and I'm like, and you're like, would've been awesome to know or like they don't even tell you. And then like it goes like flash dance music. Yeah. And you're like what is going choreography? Yeah. And it's like just tell like talk to, you know, and like ask like what is going to photograph?

[24:31] Well, what is going to a video like what is going to look good, you know, because most of the time with the couples, they don't know, you know, it's the first time they're doing this and like, you know, you guys are worthy experts and like, you know, ask people what's going on. You send these detailed questionnaires. I mean we have several of them. We send them several times. We're essentially begging you for information. The more you can tell us about yourself, what you like, how you describe your style, let us know. That's why we like to get in with our couples early. You know, we want to know what are you struggling with, what are you excited about it. It really just kind of helps us solidify who you are as people because we want a photograph. Whatever is really important to you and you can't always get that with a questionnaire like that face to face a super important.

[25:20] Those conversations on the phone, they engagement photos. So important people want to skip them or they say, well, if we take that out as the package less, it's not. It's just, it's complimentary. It's included and it's included for their benefit because we really want to see, you know, your, your body movements and your chemistry together and you know, when we say, okay, you know, give that, give that woman you love a kiss and you lean over. Do you just give her a peck on the cheek real quick because you're sort of nervous about that or you know, you really grab her in. No Way. A good kiss on her.

[25:55] I don't let you get away with the pack on the cheek on that one. I will call you out on that so fast. I will be like, MMM, this isn't your mother. Come on, let's go. Let's get in there. My favorite line is during the family portraits because you know, you always have that one family member who just for whatever reason they seem like they're just pissed. And I said, I have literally multiple weddings gone. This is not a funeral guys. Nobody has died yet. We need to start like smile and usually the process. Yeah. Calling them out on it. They usually go. It's like, oh no. Oh No. Now she's got her eye on me and I'll tell them if they're really awkward. They lean over,

[26:40] give each other kind of this crazy little peck. I'm like, wait, you guys have seen each other naked, right? I'm like, I'm like, okay, let's act like we've seen each other naked. It's fine. Go for it. But you know, these are the things we want to know how to time we do. We want to know how you react to having a camera right in your face and what's important to you and well, and we can promise that. You can tell me you are the biggest awkward Taco out there and I can guarantee you I can out awkward talk. No, if you haven't seen my fiance and I together. Oh we can out awkward Taco you alright? But every single couple tells me, oh, we're so awkward in front of the camera and everything else and we don't photograph. Well, when you get in there and you get to doing everything, you're not going to feel it. It's not gonna feel as awkward as you think it's going to. I think it's the whole expectation that you're going to feel awkward.

[27:42] Well, and I think people when they're like, oh, I didn't photograph well. It's like, well, yeah, because you've got, like you just said you, I haven't had like a good photographer that you're comfortable with doing that, you know, like having your dad tried to take a cell phone photo of you or whatever versus having you guys be up above your head. Yeah. You know, it's like you guys just, they just haven't had a good photo or you know, it, it doesn't, it should be fun. It should be funded on the wedding day. I'm so David, I want to finish up a target, uh, this thought about your wedding and kind of like how being married and kind of that, you know, works and kind of affects how you approach couples and you know, the process and all that.

[28:21] I kind of have, I have a unique perspective in that. I am also married twice. I'm on my, my second marriage. The first time I was married I was 19, so it was a very young bride. And so I still distinctly remember the things that were important to me at 19 is that as a teenager, essentially getting married are vastly different than the things that were important to me as a 37 year old getting married. And so I, I really try to keep in mind, you know, with my younger couples that the things that are really important to them and, and truly important to them are different oftentimes then the things that are truly important to our couples who are in their thirties or forties or fifties, married, you know, last year we did an awesome wedding. You did an awesome wedding for a couple in their sixties.

[29:07] And the things that they value and prioritize are different. Not Better, not worse, just different. And I think, you know, we have kind of hindsight, which is awesome and I to, to draw on that experience. So for me personally, um, you know, when I was married again at 38, we had a very intimate small wedding. We were on the side of Mount Rainier and a little bed and breakfast there. It was just our family and our very closest friends. We probably had less than 50 guests total and we did it in a little bed and breakfast and just for me at that time in my life, focusing on, I'm getting married to this person that I love when we have our kids and we have our family and that's what's important to me and I just really try to approach each wedding individually and look at who this couple is and what is important to them because it really doesn't matter what's important to me and you know, if I'm saying, hey, I really want to get these getting ready photos for you, but they don't care.

[30:08] It has, it has no value to them then I'm not really servicing them. So I think there is a big difference again between what's important to you in your twenties, what's important to you in your fifties and getting to know those couples and really focusing on who they are as individual people so that we can really get in there, have fun, make it special. But I absolutely love getting that feedback and we get that email that was like, you remembered, you remembered about my dad's air force ring and you captured that picture. Like that means so much to mayor. You know, I absolutely love the fact that you guys got different angles of our choreographed dance because that was what was important to them. So I guess just having done it twice at two very different times in my life has given me a nice unique perspective.

[30:58] No, I think it's awesome. And I think it is like really different working with the different ages and different couples and things because like I'll even show like Dorothy stuff and she'll be like, oh, why did they do? I'm like, well that's what they wanted that like it doesn't, it doesn't matter. Right to like to you or you know that maybe they'll like this thing better or be uncomfortable about something else. It's like it's, it's ages and people and different. It doesn't, it's all,

[31:24] you know, our, our more mature couples when they get married really very rarely do like a garter toss in a bouquet toss because everyone they know is married, right? They're going to have their four nieces that are under the age of 16 out there to catch up. Okay. You know, it changes the dynamic of weddings and I think, you know, just being aware of that, being sensitive to it and figuring out ways to still tell their whole love story without falling back on, you know, sort of all of the traditional elements that, you know, might not be there.

[31:59] Yeah. And it is like is like you said like maybe you're like, I love like doing detail stuff. Like maybe the couple doesn't it like you said like doesn't care or, or it's just not as important or they don't want. Like I had a bride call me to book and she was like, can I ask you something? And I was like, yeah, what's up? And she's like, what is like hanging the dress in the window? Like what is that as like, well, you know, traditionally people at least have some details capture, then that is an easy way to do it. She's like, yeah, I don't want that. I was like, perfect. She matter to me. She's like, I want to see people like dancing at my reception and there you go. Then we'll do that. Um, so, uh, in working with the couples, do you guys really like having that really extended kind of getting to know you process and I mean is that something you always strive for? Is that something you've kind of grown into? Like this is how we work best with couples.

[32:53] I think it's always the goal, but 2018 was a very unique year for us. We had people booking weddings 30 days, 60 days out from their wedding. They were calling us. The shortest was three days in advance, 30 days in advance. I don't know. I don't know if it was just asked. I think we've talked to other friends who are photographers and vendors of various types and they were having the same thing. Lots of people sort of doing really short engagements this year and lots of people for whatever reason, waiting a really long time to book their vendors, so we did not have as much time as we like, you know, we always kind of talk about ideals. For us, the ideal would be a year in advance. I mean if you can book us now for Twenty Nineteen Book is now for 20 slash 20, let's get to know each other. Let's do an engagement session, let's get together and you know, do a great save the date image or Christmas image or get together with Marcie and do some boudoir photos beforehand. It, the more we get to know you, I feel like the better job we do for you. Oh yeah,

[33:57] definitely. And I said, and it's always been one of my things that I really honestly, I hate that professional relationship where everything ends at professional. Like I want you to feel like you can reach out to me. Granted, if you're texting me at 3:00 AM, I'm sleeping. I promise you I go to bed at like 8:00 on Saturday night. I am, I'm 32 and I feel like I'm 60, but

[34:25] I always want

[34:26] like I want my couples to be able to reach out. We actually run a tacoma wedding planning group and I am trying to be more visible. They're like, we tried to go live every so often and stuff, but we want to get to know you just as much as you guys know us because like I can tell you my whole life story, I can tell you all about my husband and his weird idiosyncrasies and whatever, but

[34:50] like if,

[34:52] if I don't know those things about you and your fiance and future husband has some weird tick that if I say in Shalonda he's going to switch to the left. Like if I don't know that I can't.

[35:06] I mean that doesn't mean that I want to know all your dirty laundry to do. I'm nosy. I admitted she is nosy. I like to know all the details and I'm like, I'm over here on libraries. I want to hear the good stuff. The good stuff is always good, but I'm over here like, you know, I didn't need to know that he only wears black boxers.

[35:26] Not Important. I mean, unless they're embroidered with room on the bus or something and you want a photo of it, that's a different story, but

[35:35] it's just kind of always been the goal that I want

[35:38] to have more of A. Like I want you to feel like I'm your friend. Like you can call me and say, Hey, I'm having a real issue with my future mother in law. She wants to do this, this and this. I don't really want to do it. What are your thoughts? And I can tell you, um, I have dealt with both ends of the spectrum mother-in-law wise. So I said my mother in laws right now are amazing. Um, my last one was, uh, we didn't get along so well, so I can kind of, you know, go through and chat back and forth is you. If you just need somebody to listen and you know, not give their opinion, I can listen and not give my opinion, but if you really want some ideas like, hey, how can I incorporate this where it's not going to become a main thing, so, but if you don't let us get to know you, we can't.

[36:29] It's really hard to give suggestions. So if you're one, if you like the bride never ever says anything to us and just fills out the questionnaires and we go, you know, we're losing light right now, but you really wanted this specific shot. It's possible that I'm not the most eloquent. I mean you can tell. I stumble over everything and then my thought process just kind of. I have adhd when it comes to talking. So my, my thought process jumps all over, but. So I, I'm not always the most eloquent so I may not come across as kind and gentle as I want to going, hey look, you know, we're losing light. If you want to do your exit photos right now would be the best time. And it might come across as, oh my gosh, you have to do this right now, like we are on a time schedule, but I'm the, I'm the timekeeper typically she goes, I'm the time.

[37:27] She's always want to. She's like, we have tiny minute. Yeah. I'm the one with the Apple Watch that I got specifically so that I can have our shot list completely on it and I can flick through and I can make sure we never miss anything. And we've got all the details and we're on time and we're like seven minutes off. You realize that we're seven minutes off schedule. Oh yes. But I like a sketch but without getting to know our couples, we don't know who's going to be more. Oh yeah. Everything has to be right on time. And who's going to be more, you know, I don't care as long as at the end I'm married and I get to go on my Hawaiian honeymoon. So I said that's kind of about it. You build a relationship and if we can, if you can, if you have the time, if your personalities Mesh well, I think, you know, for me personally, somebody asked what, what three things would you look for today in a wedding photographer? And price for me was the very bottom of the list. What I'm looking for is experience. I'm looking at their style and then I'm looking at their personality top three. So I want somebody who knows, I want somebody who knows what

[38:36] they're doing. First of all, you know, if I'm going to invest this kind of money, I want somebody who's shot enough weddings, um, you know, that I'm comfortable that you have the skills to do the job. And then I'm going to look at your personal style because that's very subjective. And then I'm going to look at your personality and it. And that's what I want for my couples. I want them to get to know us and our personality and you know, do you like who we are because we want to like who you are. I think the very best part about being self employed is that you get to pick who you work with. So, you know, it's, it goes both ways. They're not only hiring us, but we're deciding who we want to work with and people need to realize, you know, if we say we're not a good fit, it's nothing personal, but we're really just not a good fit.

[39:21] We're not going to do a good job for you and you're not gonna be happy with that and that doesn't do anybody any good. So yeah, some people are very nervous about that. Um, I see that a lot in facebook groups and forums and I really don't think I'm good for this person. Now what do I do? And my answer is always be honest, be honest, don't lie and say the day is booked or something else came up, just say, you know, I'm not the one for you because we want people who like us and, and we want to like them. Well, and that's one of the really nice things about working as a partnership

[39:55] is because there are people who will get along with Tiffany just fine that I'm sitting over there going, not going to happen. Nope, nope, not my thing. And then there are people that will go along with me that think I'm great that Tiffany, she's just like, I don't, I don't know if this is for me, but, but working as a partnership, we do have other photographers that we can pull from, so we always have that option to be able to go, hey look, you know what, these are really your people, Tiffany, you go ahead and take this one and I'll go take this one over here. Which. So I said that's one of the things like you'll never see on our website. There's never a list of dates that were already booked because we have that option. So if somebody comes to us and they're like, well we really love your work.

[40:40] Are you available on this day? We can always split up and go to separate directions. We have a network of, yes, I guess third shooters at this point, but issues that we'd like to work with professionals and we're super, we're just a selective with who we work with as we are like, who you want to hire, like you are who you want to hire. And so, I mean, every other person that we might possibly bring to your wedding is meshes really well with us. Like we could literally bring these extra people and you'd never know. We had extra people.

[41:14] I always laugh because um, uh, my wife's really good at like keeping relationships with people. Even if like, oh, this, I don't like this person anymore. Like she has friends and I'm like, I always tell her like, the best thing about like not being in an elementary school anymore is like you can choose who you know, who you want to work with it. And I'm like, it's just because she'll like have these friends and I'm like, that's, you were not in eighth grade anymore. You know, you should want everybody around you that you get along with. And that is, you know, is a positive. And that includes your wedding day, right? Like you want everybody there to like. And I do feel that like with um, weddings where either, you know, like we help them, you know, pick or hey, do you ever recommend or if it just ends up that it's people like, oh, I've worked with these people before, like it is like so much more fun, you know, for everybody. Right. And that like it's, it's better for you guys and that relates better for the couple. And, and like, yeah, there'll be like everybody just got along and new over. It wasn't like, it wasn't even like you guys were working, right? It was like we were all here to celebrate.

[42:18] Yeah. It's that celebratory sort of atmosphere, which is what you want for your wedding. Even if it's a really solemn sort of ceremony. I mean some people, you know, marriage is very serious and we do have. Weddings are very traditional and very solemn. And then you get to the reception and people kind of start letting their hair down and you want your vendors to be as excited about your wedding as you are excited about your wedding. Because if they're not excited, they're not doing their best work. And that's why we want that relationship. We want to, you know, I want to feel that little tier when you guys are giving each other, you know, your vowels and stuff. I love it. Don't joke. I cry at every wedding. I am such a sucker. Like every wedding I'm like,

[43:00] the roof is leaking,

[43:06] but every single wedding, I don't think there's been a wedding that I haven't cried at, which is really funny because if you ask a. my ex husband and even my current fiance, I don't have feelings. So I'm all business. I'm all business. I have no feelings yet. I cry at every wedding. So.

[43:26] Or even like I was a, Joe had shot a wedding my other and I was editing it yesterday. Like I wasn't even there. And I'm editing her bowels. He though. And then like you're like, this is really. I mean, I can't help it either, but you know, when you're sitting there and the music and she's looking at him and taught, you know, and you just, it is something that wasn't even there. So it's a lot.

[43:47] Yes. Which I think is what I like about being a photographer. I mean a very, every now and then on the, on a rare occasion you'll photograph something that's sad or that's hard to document that for somebody. For the most part, our job is about celebrating life. It's about marriage, it's about babies, it's about graduating from high school, it's about couples and families and their new dog. Whatever it is. That's good because those are the things we document. So, you know, it's pretty kick ass kind of job. Yeah.

[44:15] Uh, I remember the first wedding I had done was it craigslist, like in the last minute thing. And I'd never, I had no idea what I was doing except I knew how to do, you know, obviously video and Dorothy, you know, I think I called her after the, during the reception she's like, oh, how's, uh, how's going? And I said, well, it's really nice because I said like, you know, we knew I used to work in TV and like nobody would want you there because it was like, you know, a death or an accident or a fire or a theft or whatever. And I was like, it's so nice to feel wanted here. And then everybody is happy to see, you know, at the wedding everybody wants her photo taken for the most part, but you know, like, oh, come over here and do this and do that. And like it feels really good to feel wanted to be there. Right. I mean, do you guys like, do you, do you feel that?

[45:00] Absolutely, yeah. It's a fun job for the most part with very, very few exceptions. All of the weddings we shot. I mean, people just really appreciate that you're there, you know, I mean they understand that you're there to do a job. We've had very few issues in general. I mean we've had great couples and they've had great families and you know, funny, right, entertaining friends and you know, they're really kind to us. And, and it is, it's a good feeling, it's the kind of job where you're providing a service that people really appreciate. So. Right. Well, and I said I always feels good. I've been doing this. I actually got my business license back in 2010 and so I've been doing this for almost 10 years and I can only think of maybe two weddings that I have ever. And one of them was Tiffany took me to a Catholic wedding of all things with my blue hair, my very visible tattoos and even though I'm sitting there trying to look like I had my hair all pulled out so you couldn't really see the blue and I had long sleeves so you couldn't see it in my tattoos and I'm like, I'm standing there and I just oozed uncomfortableness obviously because the mother of the bride kind of walked in and she kind of took one look at me and she's like, who are you?

[46:23] I'm going to have a camera in my hand. I'm the photographer. And she's like, oh. And I was just going.

[46:31] And so I ended up going out with the groom's family, which the groom's family thought I was great, but it was just one of those situations where I'm like, that's why you need to get to know your vendors. And the best thing is like we're not going to, if we are bringing a second shooter to your wedding, that's not Tiffany or I, we will tell you who they are like so you can go and you can kind of look at who is coming to your wedding and you can get to know them through, through that stuff too. Because I said that was one that I had no idea. I'd never met the bride and groom before. I didn't know anything about them. They didn't know me. So it was just a very awkward situation. And that is proof why you need to know your vendor. Yes. I mean they knew me, but yes, they knew Tiffany. They knew her really well, but yeah. But meanwhile he hired me. But he was one of those situations where photography was important to mom and not important to the bride and groom. Just, it just wasn't.

[47:30] They were there because mom insisted that they had a photographer, so I was essentially working for the mom and so that's kind of how I approached it and I was there because Tiffany doesn't drive in Seattle. Nope, not if I had to, I'd be like, I'm a country girl, but I think like even in 10 years like that, and then I've had a run in with a videographer,

[47:56] but that was it. No, it was not read. No, I will tell you it was definitely not read.

[48:03] Um, I honestly can't even tell you who it was because they weren't actually a wedding videographer, so it was a one of those situations. But like, that's two weddings out of. I mean, I've been doing this for 10 years. I mean, like 100 weddings or something like that. I would have to actually go count it up because I lost track a while ago. But. So two out of 10 years is not bad. I've only had a handful, but again, being nearly six foot tall, people kind of feel intimidated or intimidating. Nevermind. Nevermind. We're good. Like, so you're going to stand and smile and they're like, yes, I'm going to stand and smile. I'm small, but I'm definitely not a pushover.

[48:49] I'm talking about where you guys do when you're not photographing weddings. Uh, obviously, yeah, running the business and with your family and things. But it tells, you know, I just said, well, give me a little more about like what, what makes you guys tick, whether kind of hobbies and interests and things.

[49:03] Oh, hobbies and interests might couch it would be a really good hobby. Actually. I have two kids and a fiance soon to be husband and we tend to like, we try to do things as a family. Um, he is actually in recovery. He's six years sober, so a lot of our time is spent going to our, uh, our meetings and that sort of thing and said our kids, um, my older daughter goes back and forth to her dads, so we kind of in the scheduling is fun, that's for sure. But like the kids love to swim. We go swimming every week as a family.

[49:43] Um, oh my gosh. I spent a lot of time like editing and watching scrubs, so

[49:51] I love scrubs. I'm, I think I'm on the fifth time. I've watched the entire, like however many seasons there are, I don't even know, uh, it just kind of. Hulu goes from one episode to another, so I'm good. Um, but yeah, I would like to camp. It's my life with the kids too. I do travel a bit. We're big Disney fanatics. Uh, so my family pretty much I grew up with my dad who, his email signature is a walt disney quote. It all started with a mouse

[50:25] and said, so growing up we did once a year we went to Disneyland. I can't say that I've ever been to Disney world. I am. If I have, I don't remember it because I was too young, but Disneyland, we've gone every year. I'm a big Disney fanatics. We go down for about a week and by the way, Disneyland is best during the holidays, just saying, I'm sure I just totally ruined travel season for my family. It's gonna get really busy now. We don't, but we have six kids. Nobody takes six children anywhere. They don't even take one car anywhere. Exactly. Um, but yeah, so we try to go to Disneyland every year and we do a, we do a lot of other traveling to. My grandma likes to follow the horseshoe tournaments up and down the west coast. So we've gotten a lot of, hey, we're going camping in Newport, Oregon, you want to come with.

[51:22] And it's like, well, do I get out of it? Because I worked for my dad nine to five and that's the mechanical engineering job I'm trying to kind of phase out. So of course if I go camping with him then I don't have to actually work a double bonus. Tastic garden. I'm big into gardening. Oh yeah. Gardening. I finally started gardening this year and then uh, I'm big into the sustainable living. I buy from a CSA. I try to, I try to cook at home most of the time, but that has to do with food allergies and everything else that have shown up recently, which, that's the other thing we actually had to. Um, so when couples look at our contract, there is in big, bold letters, if you're having shellfish at your wedding, please let us know if you hire us because earlier this year for sweating of the season and somebody hands me an egg roll, which she has an allergy.

[52:22] Pop that sucker in my mouth and it's delicious. What's in this shrimp full on? Anaphylaxis. Getting the EPI pen. There's a nurse in the end that at the wedding. Yeah. Saved me. Yes. I thought for sure I was going to have to take her to the hospital. My brother has very severe food allergies and to travel with that was super fun and a learning process. It goes to show like no matter how many years in there's always something. So now we write. We just did tell her. I would gladly stab her though if it was her life or friends. Yeah. I don't know for me, you know, mom of six and, and the self employed. So we are very busy. When I, when I say busy, I, I probably worked close to 70 hours a week. So you know, my kids are awesome. They range in age from five to 21.

[53:17] We have two girls that are currently away at college here at different colleges in the state and then we have four that are at home still, so today is actually my daughter's sweet 16 birthday party or had there when we're done here and I try to fit in family time as much as possible. Like I said, nobody travels with six kids. Somebody wants asked me, they were like, how do you guys go to a restaurant? And I just sort of laughed and said, why in the world would you think we go much stronger there? Six of them and the smallest one thinks he's a dinosaur or he's wearing a wookie costume. He did actually to dress up like Chewbacca. The last time we took him out in public. So there was that. But you know, just a home body. I don't, I'm not a TV watcher, so that thing is almost never on.

[54:02] But I love reading. I like hanging out with. My kids were super artistic. Whenever we have time, it's always, you know, we're kind of thrift store junkie too. Like I love all things sort of retro and Funky and color does not matter which thrift shop she walks into. She will walk out with a quilt. Yeah. I have some sort of weird vintage quilt Mojo. So if anybody needs a vintage quilt and I'm your girl. Um, we just kind of. And we collect funky things that sort of appealed to us. Collect pigs. I'm not sure how funky that is, but I guess there's like 500 of them and I have so strange. None of them are alive. I just try to spend time with kids as much as possible. Go camping a couple times in the summer. We live out near Mount Rainier, so lots of the things we do are based around getting outside and enjoying me.

[54:53] We're right next to a national park, which is amazing and awesome. And we have elk and deer and you know, it's just like a little wonderland out there for my kids, which is super cool. And anytime I go to Eatonville she's like, look, there's a deer. I'm like, she's like, why are you excited? A deer? I'm like, but it's the deer. I'm like the excitable little Chihuahua, you know, that's essentially my personality. Yeah. My grandpa lived in a remote eastern Oregon and we would go out and just drive and look for a while by. I mean it's, it's everywhere, but I was like, you know, after the 20th year of going down there. Exactly. You can tell when people are driving through town that are not local because they stopped to stare at the deer and we're like, they're like forced rodents. They're literally everywhere.

[55:48] You're going to see 20 more before you get to the national park. It's just keep moving while we're where I live, I mean it. My parents actually lived like two doors down from me, which was both the best and worst decision of my life. I'm having grandkids right next door is great. Except when the children decide that, oh, I don't like you anymore, mom. I'm running away. And then you can't find them because they went to grandma's. Yeah. But I always laugh because my dad has this giant. It's a blackberry Bush and there's a family of raccoons that live underneath it and so people are like, do you keep those as pets? And we're going, no,

[56:24] you can't touch them. Don't touch the trash panda has. Okay.

[56:31] They just want to eat the cat food. It's okay. We're definitely, we're definitely country kids. Like my kids are country kids, you know, we have a little blinking four way stop in town that, that's finally we now have a light and there was all of maybe six cars waiting at the four way stop. And my kids were like, traffic jam. We are not city kids at all. No, they're definitely not patient either. They're like,

[57:00] why are there so many cars out here? Do all of you people live and what are your house still close

[57:05] together? And my kids just want to be farm kids. They're like,

[57:10] can we get chickens? Mom? I'm like, the Hoa doesn't allow that.

[57:15] So you have to live out near me. I know there's no rules, there's no rules.

[57:22] Um, so moving into 20, 19 and 20, 20 and beyond. What other kinds of, some of your goals for Wink and and for the business and for photography and weddings and where do you guys kind of see you progressing here?

[57:35] I think we've really worked hard this year. I'm pinpointing who our ideal client is and really, um, we're working on marketing materials and educational materials for our couples. We really want to get our face out there in front of our ideal client and you know, they're, they're typically a little bit older, little kind of settled maybe in their early thirties. And again, we've really liked working with people who are very artistic and, and fun and, and kind of, I guess you'd say the non traditional couples. Yeah. You haven't really the non traditional couples. Yeah, we like them. They like us or a good mix. So really been working on this next year on pinpointing who that ideal client is. How can we get our product in front of them? How do we meet these people, how do we basically talk to them? Where are they? And then, um, lots of client education as well.

[58:34] Just so people understand, this is what we do, this is how we do it, you know, are we a good fit for you? Are you a good fit for us? And I think going forward it's going to be really, I don't know, kind of finalizing all of the marketing right now, of course it's the, it's we're getting towards the end of the year. So this is when we start looking at money being a small business, that's what it is. We start looking at money. What's our advertising budget? You know, I think we don't want to book more weddings. We've, we're not overloaded where we're not one of those companies that's shooting, you know, every single weekend throughout the year. And so at least the, this point last summer I was gone every weekend, but it wasn't always weddings. So we, you know, we definitely want to book more weddings so we want to be able to increase that side of our business definitely.

[59:32] And we've realized that I make things way too complicated. I'm trying to put together cheerios and I'm like, this is taking me forever and she's going, well, simplify it. And I'm like, what you way to simplify smarter, not harder. I'm sure there's trying to, you know, divided the mechanical engineering from the photography. I'm like, I, I do in marketing materials, I'm in that analytical brain and I'm like, I don't, I don't understand what I'm doing right now. I think we probably need to blog more and because it's like a personal goal we need to catch up on our blogging. Blogging is super important. I mean, you know, the social media presence, but also I think with a blog you can really express your personality and speak directly to that ideal client that, that person who is your tribe essentially. And so I think just as a personal goal, we need to kind of be better about that.

[01:00:29] Which, you know, I guess more hours in the day. For me it's the fact I absolutely hate to write and I love to write. I don't have the time to time is hard, but if you give me something that I can, I can edit and I can flourish. Oh, I can flourish to like my heart's desire and make things beautiful and eloquent when I'm not talking like writing and getting those thoughts on paper. I'm just like, oh, this is taxing structure. So I. that's kind of how we divide and conquer. I do the structure and the details and get everything sort of flushed out and then I pass it over and I can see, oh, like a champ at this. I have taken so many seo courses. I'm like, if I can't do this in my sleep, I'm obviously doing something wrong. Mad Skills. She looks at things that she's written and I've edited and she's like, why do you say to calm a wedding photographer 14 times and this.

[01:01:30] I'm like, it's fine. I'm like, okay. So I just write it and hand it over to marketing. So blogging. Yeah, I think that definitely blogging get all caught up and you know, we want people to know who we are. Yeah. Well in a lot of this year was spent trying to get work flows down and trying to automate everything because we finally, like I broke down last year and actually got a like system so I'm not constantly right there behind the computer, but that doesn't mean that if somebody reaches out to me I won't answer. It means that I don't have to sit there and send three brides the same email with different details in it. So. And I was a dinosaur. I was using paper contracts. I'm like, Oh my God, I'm old school. I love to write everything down. Like it helps me remember. It helps me stay on track. So

[01:02:20] I like the written. I like something tangible. I like to hold it and Markie is dragging me into, you know, like kicking and screaming and screaming, 17 to 20 by making me become completely fully automated. So she got client management software. She'll show forces these things on me basically how pretty much she'll send me a message, she'll be like, so are we available on this date? And I'll be like, did you check Dub Sato? No, because that's what I have you for my log in. I gave you your own login. Just go check. When we got married two half years ago, I remember that our photographer a mailed me a contract to sign and I was like, what is going on? Because I like until Markie and I teamed up. My rule was that we don't work together unless we meet in person. Like I want to see your face.

[01:03:12] I want to know who you are. I want to talk to you. So since we are right there, I did paper contracts. Now I still make you meet me at least skype or we need to talk somehow, but I will send you an online contract signed. And that was my thing was, I mean I spent, when I got divorced, I spent the first three years of my divorce. My oldest daughter was on. I mean she was 14 months old or something like that, but she would skype her dad because I mean this was 2010, 2011, somewhere in there. And so she would skype him like every week. And so I got to the point where I'm just like, you know, facetime is just as good as making you drive to Tacoma and hang out with me and I don't want you to come and spend 45 minutes hanging out with me if you're going to find that you really.

[01:04:06] But if you're going to find that you really don't like me in the end, you can tell that on a skype chat, like usually you can tell that on the phone. So just seriously email me a picture of you and then call me because I'll still sit there and talk to you. I just want to be able to see your face because that's not creepy at all. Right? I'm going to look at this picture on the computer while I talked to you. I love the face to face forward, but I said so my biggest thing was the fact that it's like people are so. I mean society is busy just in general. It's busy, busy, busy. And so I try to make sure that we're not wasting a whole bunch of time. Like even our studios in Tacoma. I live in Bonnie Lake, it's a 45 minute drive to the studio, so if I'm booking things in the studio, I make sure that I have like multiple things, but because it's not worth it to me to drive out there for one thing and I always tell my clients and couples that come out here and like plan a day because Tacoma has so much to do that it's like if you're going to come out here for 45 minutes to meet with me or to like get your photos taken or something like that.

[01:05:20] I mean a day there's right park if you have kids, which is just, I mean it's got this amazing like during the summer they have this water feature thing that the kids can play in. And then there's the park. Um, there's sixth avenue and then even right down below our studio is matador. So if you are engaged and over 21 definitely go down there. Date night, Margarita. Their margins are huge. Um, and they're fajitas and their case of DSR facing. So we try to try to at least make it fun for people. Yeah, definitely. And like trying to kind of, I mean it goes back to we don't want, I mean you're busy as a bride year, you've gotten out all of this stuff. You have to plan on top of the rest of your life that has to that. I mean your life doesn't stop because you're planning a wedding, which I swear people think that like everything revolves around your wedding when you start planning and if you're anything like me, which most of our couples are, you are sitting here going, I'm, yeah, so I have this to do list.

[01:06:26] Yeah, we're not going to do that or that or that. Just because I don't feel like taking time out of my data to plan something. Like what color the napkins are going to be mean. So it's like you're busy. So trying to make sure that basically I spent the last six months trying to make sure that everything was easier and I am super thankful that our couples are usually very laid back because we tend to attract a more laid back. Again, on traditional even. I make mistakes still. I sent an email to a bride here in September that requested her timeline two weeks in advance and she got it five days before the wedding. She's like, so it's only a week out, but um, here's my timeline anyway, and your email says two weeks. And I went, oh my gosh, I totally miss scheduled this. So I had to go back and switch all of the workflow to make sure that email went out on time. I do appreciate that. You're so much more technologically savvy than I am. I helped her buy a computer last week. I need help. Like I'm serious. I need help. Dropped everything and drove from body to Puyallup to go to best buy so she could get a new computer like someone hold my hand please.

[01:07:49] You're a good partner.

[01:07:52] Awesome. Well thank you guys so much for coming in today. I really appreciate you making the time as well. Like I said, early on, a Sunday, taking time out and, and uh, before your sweet 16 party, if people want to learn more about Wink Wedding Collective and what you guys do and who you are and what would you have them do? Check out?

[01:08:12] Definitely head to and it's CO, CO W I N K W E D D I N G S C O Dot com. There we go. I got it out. I had to think I'm dyslexic on top of everything else. So you know, Super Fun. I'm like, Oh, I get to spell out loud now. I'm definitely check us out on, on our website. Um, it's really pretty. I worked really hard on it. I'm sure you'll love it. And we are, we do have our business page on Facebook is Wink wedding co, but we tend to be more active on our individual, a Marquis Jones photography and Sasha and photography. So if you find us on facebook under one of those names, you can usually get to know us individually. Um, and like I said, we have a business page on facebook. It's just not that active. You're better off to find our individual pages shooting or editing. We're not spending a ton of time on facebook. Yeah. You know, and then we do have an instagram. It's at Wink Wedding Collective. No, at Wink Wedding Collective is on Facebook at Wink Wedding Co is on Instagram. So. Perfect.

[01:09:26] Yeah. Thank you guys so much. This has been another episode of Get to Know Your Wedding Pro, check back next week for another wedding vendor interview. Thanks so much.

[01:09:34] Thank you. Thanks.