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Morrison Wedding Video

Morrison Wedding on 12/31/16 at The Embassy Suites in Portland, Oregon

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"Absolutely amazing! I reached out to several companies but Reid was more than responsive and flexible and made me feel really good about working with him and his company. I HIGHLY recommend them, they came prepared with ideas for great videos and had an incredible response time from day one. Stop looking for a videographer and just call/email Reid with Best Made Videos. You won't be disappointed!"

Who knew you could have so much fun working!  On New Year's Eve no less!!!  Andrea and Gus threw was has to be one of the greatest New Year's Eve parties of all time, and then two people happened to get married!

A truly sophisticated black tie affair in Downtown Portland at the beautiful Embassy Suites brought together family and friends for a night of celebrating and love.  Andrea and Gus filled a room with joy and laughter as they stood in front of their closest friends to tie the knot and become husband and wife.  Touching, personal vows along with some beautiful imagery captured in the lobby make this a fun and unique wedding video.  

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were at the top of their game keeping the couple laughing all night, while the families of both Andrea and Gus were able to celebrate and take in all the fun that the night had to offer.

Working alongside the fantastic Kayley Hoddick was an added pleasure as we were able to capture and showcase the love and care that Andrea and Gus have for each other.  Do yourselves a favor and watch this video and experience all of the fun!  This party is one that I won't soon forget!

Photography - Kayley Hoddick

Venue - Embassy Suites Downtown Portland

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Vega Halloween Video

Vega Wedding on 10/29/16 at Huber's Gasthaus

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See their video testimonial here!

"In the beginning of our planning process for our wedding, we foolishly believed we did not need a videographer. I am so glad that mindset changed in time for us to find Reid of Best Made Videos. The theme for our wedding was "Halloween", and for a wedding with such a unique and awesome theme you need to have an equally unique and awesome videographer. Reid's style and way of editing is perfect. Shooting with him was fun and he worked alongside our photographer so well. His wife assisted him for our wedding day and she was an absolute delight to have for all the confidence-boosting! Reid gets your footage to you within 72 hours, which is so fantastic because I couldn't wait to see it! Everyone loved watching the video once it was finished, it was an absolute hit! I cannot thank Reid and his wife enough for being a huge part of our wedding day. If you are searching for a videographer, Best Made Videos is the videographer you want and need for your wedding!"

This is a cool wedding video, plain and simple.  RaKayla and Juan LOVE Halloween.  They love Halloween so much that they wanted to throw the ultimate Halloween Wedding extravaganza!

After years of planning and 2 days of non-stop decorating, their vision came to life. Complete with a fountain of blood and bones, to a pitch black wedding dress, their day screamed Halloween through every spooky detail.  

A highlight has to be their first look, when RaKayla scared Juan wearing a creepy mask. Juan tried to play it off as cool, but I was there and I will tell you I think he was shaking in his boots just a little bit.  

I am beyond honored to share this wedding video with you today and I hope you enjoy every creepy, crawly detail!  

Photography - Vibrant Lens Photography

DJ - DJ Suave

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Ainsley Wedding Video

Ainsley Wedding on 8/20/16 at AXIS Pioneer Square in Seattle, Wa

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"Stop your search. You've found him. Reid is the best in the business. Reid brings kindness, creativity, and professionalism to all his videos. We did not have one complaint about the entire process of working with Reid. He was very patient and accommodating and the final product is to die for. His prices are VERY reasonable for his talent level and attention to detail and he's someone who I would highly recommend every time."

A lot of people get married in Seattle, there are plenty of amazing wedding venues to choose from.  Not many people get married in the middle of a street in downtown Seattle, which is exactly what Alex and Elise chose to do.  Shutting down part of Occidental Ave near AXIS Pioneer Square (the venue for their wedding reception) Alex and Elise held a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony surrounded by family and friends (including a few "looky-loos") right in the middle of the city that they love so much.

The ceremony itself was truly memorable, besides the incredibly unique location.  Alex and Elise had been together for years, they had been together so long in fact that part of Elise's wedding gift to Alex was a print out of all of their old Facebook messages where they had corresponded early on in their relationship. The love and time shared between these two led to some incredibly personal vows which left many in the audience in tears. I'll always remember the look on Alex's face when he saw Elise walk down the aisle.  His mouth was wide open and he even exclaimed out loud "that's AMAZING!"  

I was honored to help capture and share their wedding day with you and I hope you take a few moments to watch their wedding video!

Venue - AXIS Pioneer Square

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Sanchez Wedding Video

Sanchez Wedding on 8/28/16 at Historic 1625 in Tacoma, Wa

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"Oh my goodness!! That was so good!!! Jesus and I love it!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭"

"Reid was awesome! He was very professional, fun and created such a beautiful video for us! It took him two days and it was amazing! The video had everyone crying and I can't stop watching it!"

Watching this wedding video just makes me smile because there is so much love here. Erika and Jesus were barely able to get through their vows because they were so overcome with emotion.  The tears both of them shared is what makes this video so special.

Surrounded by family and friends, these two tied the knot at Historic 1625 in Tacoma, which is one of my favorite venues.  From Erika's fiery red hair, to their matching shoes, Jesus and Erika spent a great deal of time and attention on every detail for their wedding day and I tried my best to capture all of that in their video.

What really makes this wedding video special however, is just how happy and joyful everybody in attendance was for the married couple.  From thoughtful, caring toasts, to a live performance of "I'm Yours" by Erika's family members, all of these moments came together to create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding day and I was so happy to be able to capture it all on video.

I encourage you to take a moment to watch and experience this wedding video for yourself. The love and commitment these two have for each other is inspiring and I was so honored to get to spend their wedding day with them.  This wedding video is truly one for the memory books!  Thanks again Erika and Jesus.

Venue - Historic 1625

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Colson Wedding Video

Colson Wedding on 11/12/16 at Westside Church in Ballard, Wa

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“Reid did an incredible job on our wedding videography. He was the most flexible, down-to-earth videographer we talked to when we were in the planning phase (and we talked to several!). It was so refreshing to have a real person who could actually craft a custom package to fit our unique scenario, rather than all the other videographers who had a sort of one-size-fits-all mindset. Reid was very professional in his communications and organization, and his attention to detail really put my mind at ease with the process. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, he was always proactive with detail planning and quick to respond to any questions or feedback that I had–and honestly, he was probably more on top of things than I was. On the day of the wedding, Reid and his assistant both looked sharp and fit right in and stayed totally cool and collected even in the midst of pre-wedding organized chaos. He teamed up with our photographer, too, to capture various moments in both mediums. Reid really demonstrated his artistic eye in finding perfect locations for capturing footage (like this really cool alley behind our venue where we ended up taking a bunch of awesome photos!). The finished product was completed very quickly, and was better than we could have ever asked for. The videos–both the highlight reel and the full film–captured perfectly the roller coaster of emotions of the day, the joy in the air, and the love that surrounded us. Watching them, I had to stop for a second and remember that this wasn’t a movie I was watching–this really was my wedding, rendered picture-perfect under the artistic touch of Reid. In short: if you’re looking for a videographer to go above and beyond in capturing your wedding day story, work with you to fit your needs perfectly, and work proactively to keep the whole process smooth, choose Best Made Videos.”

Serena C. — January 25, 2017

This is a very cool wedding video.  Serena and David planned their entire wedding long distance.  David was stationed down in Arizona and Serena was up here in Seattle. Planning a wedding of any kind can be difficult, planning a wedding living in two different states could be almost impossible.  Luckily Serena and David’s strong love and faith got them through it all.  Their wedding day went off without a hitch, complete with laughs, tears, and a jaw dropping first dance.  See David and Serena met ballroom dancing and it was quite a surprise to myself to see this Army man cut it loose on the dance floor!  His moves will be tough to beat for any of the grooms in my upcoming weddings…

There is a lot of love here and I encourage you to check out their wedding video in the link above, you won’t be disappointed!

Venue – Westside Church

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McDonald Wedding Video

McDonald Wedding on 10/2/16 at The Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett, Wa

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"Throughout our 18 month long engagement I thought about so many details big and small and truthfully didn't think that I wanted a videographer. I had a wonderful photographer hired and I didn't feel the need to capture our wedding any other way; that was of course until about a week before the wedding. I had a moment of clarity and realized I couldn't not hire a videographer. All of a sudden I knew that this could potentially be my biggest regret of the wedding and I didn't want that, we are only doing this once and I really wanted to not have a regret as large as this one hanging over my head for years to come. I quickly started doing some research and asked around to people I knew that had just gotten married and used a videographer. One of the names that came up a few times was Best Made Videos, so I called, talked to Reid and asked the crazy question of "are you available in 8 days from now to shoot my wedding". Honestly, I was embarrassed to even ask and figured there was no way. He then said, "yeah I can make that work". I couldn't believe that this perfect stranger moved his busy schedule around to fulfill my (kind of crazy) request! I was thankful then and beyond thankful after receiving the final product. I was shocked by how responsive and professional Reid was! I am in business myself and it takes a lot to impress me, and I can't even tell you how impressed I was! We then got the highlight version within a couple of days and Reid was in contact the whole time and worked very hard to make it perfect. He captured us and our wedding day perfectly! I can say I was one of those brides that thought I could take or leave a videographer and I am SO happy that I had a change of heart! This is will be something that my husband, family and friends will enjoy for years to come! The day goes by so incredibly fast and we will always have this to remember the best day of our lives. If you are looking for a wedding videographer, look no further! Thanks for everything Best Made Videos!"

This story starts on a normal Saturday morning last Summer.  I was getting ready to film a wedding, this time at the Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett when I got a frantic phone call. The bride explained to me how she was getting married the very next weekend and had begun having second thoughts about not having a videographer film her wedding.  I had shot her friend's wedding a few months earlier and ever since she saw that video she went back and forth about the idea of having a video for her own wedding.

I pulled up the bride's information on Facebook and quickly realized a few very coincidental details.  Not only was the bride's photographer my dear friend Arlene Chambers who I had worked with previously and was also booked together for another wedding a few weeks later, but the bride's venue for her wedding was ALSO the Monte Cristo Ballroom, the same venue I was currently standing in.  

I laughed as I explained this to the bride and she couldn't help but see the humor as well.  I finished up my wedding that day and quickly booked her for the following weekend.

Briannah and Drew's wedding went off without a hitch.  A beautiful venue of course, touching personal vows and amazing pictures and video both before the ceremony and after, as we were able to catch just a glimpse of the sunset in the middle of a crosswalk in downtown Everett.  

I love everything about this wedding video, like Briannah's nervous energy as she struggles to get her vows out without crying.  I love the look of joy in Drew's eyes as he sees Briannah walk down the aisle for the first time.  And most of all, I love the fact that Briannah and Drew made their own wedding shot, mixed it up and thew one back right before they were pronounced husband and wife.  It's small moments like this that really shine through in wedding videography, and it's these moments that my couples will get to enjoy through their wedding video for year and years to come.

Photographer - Arlene Chambers

Venue - Monte Cristo Ballroom

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Sturdivant Wedding Video

Sturdivant Wedding on 7/24/16 at Sodo Park in Seattle, Wa

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"When talking to all of my friends and family the one thing they all wished they could have done was have a professional video taken for their wedding. We took their advice and we are certainly glad we did. After a recommendation from a friend and watching many past wedding videos shot by Best Made Videos, we knew we wanted to book them for our wedding. Reid was incredible to work with. He gave little direction, but wanted us to feel comfortable in front of the camera, focus on enjoying every moment of our day, and to just be ourselves. He was also very flexible when working in small crowded places and coordinated well with our Photographer to make sure the best moments were captured. One of the greatest parts was the turn-around time. Reid had the full video of our wedding completed within 4 days giving us an opportunity to watch it on our honeymoon and share it with those who were unable to attend. It was such a treat! I would recommend Best Made Videos to anyone looking to capture their special life moments. Best Made Videos was one of the best investments we made for our wedding day!"

Participating in the "I Do Sodo 2017" wedding tour last weekend at Sodo Park in Seattle got me inspired to think about this incredible wedding video from last summer.  Alvin and Michelle got married last July at Sodo Park and it was the first time that I was able to film a wedding at this incredible wedding venue.  Situated right in the middle of Sodo (South Downtown Seattle for short) Sodo Park offers an expansive, yet intimate wedding setting for weddings of all shapes and sizes.  The wood beams, rafters and multi-textured walls throughout allow for beautiful photos and video whether the wedding ceremony is taking place during the summer or the middle of winter.

Alvin and Michelle are by far two of my favorite wedding clients I've ever worked with. The energy and love radiating from these two is electric, and that love elevated every single element of their wedding day.  From the getting ready in the morning (with Michelle's big grin and happy laugh) to the first look (where Alvin's groomsmen were actively badgering him not to cry as Michelle approached from behind) to their first dance under the stringed lights at Sodo Park, it's easy to see that Alvin and Michelle are the best of friends and the love that they share will last a lifetime. 

I invite you to take a moment and watch their wedding highlight video to experience their love first hand, you will be happy that you did!

Photographer - Avera Photography

Coordinator - A Piece of Cake Events

Venue - Sodo Park

DJ - Bamboo Beats

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Mendez Wedding Video

Mendez Wedding on 7/29/16 at Scenic Beach State Park in Seabeck, Wa

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"Reid was absolutely amazing! From the beginning he was very responsive and helpful and on the day of he was prompt, friendly and professional. And we absolutely love our wedding video! It is perfect and he captured everything so well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great wedding videographer."

Patricia and Scott were absolutely fantastic!  From our initial Skype meeting, through all of the planning leading up until their wedding day, everything moved nice and smooth.  Scott was a Navy man who had met Patricia when he was in Portland during fleet week.  Their love continued to grow until they finally decided to get married in front of their family and friends in Seaback, Washington at Scenic Beach State Park.

A beautiful location overlooking the water with a quaint cottage for getting ready in, this has to be one of my favorite locations I've ever had the opportunity to work at.  I love all of the detail shots from the video, the dress hanging from the window of the cottage (thanks Jeff for walking out on the roof to hang the dress up high) and their first look is one of the most heartfelt I've ever seen.  A highlight of the video has to be Scott and Patricia frolicking in the ocean after their wedding during sunset.  The beautiful images and video that we were able to capture will hopefully give them happiness for years and years to come.

The look of joy on Scott's face the entire day sums up the feeling of the day and I couldn't be happier to give them a wedding video they can cherish always!  Please check out their video to experience all the joy and love their wedding day had to offer.

Location - Scenic Beach State Park

Coordination - Red Door Design

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Toohey Wedding Video

Toohey Wedding on 7/30/16 at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish, Wa

"We were absolutely thrilled with our wedding day video by Best Made Videos! If you are even remotely on the fence of adding a videographer to your budget, please make sure that you prioritize it! Our video beautifully captured our special day, from the small moments to the big ones. We were so impressed with the skill and quality of the video, and the videographer was a delight to work with. He was skilled, calm, and approachable. He worked extremely well with our photographer to capture our day. Having this day in video was absolutely priceless. We were able to share it with our friends and loved ones that were not able to attend the wedding and it meant the world to them. They were able to see our wedding as a guest would. Also, for ourselves, it was such a gift to re-live that day. Our wedding day went by so fast, and was a blur of moments and experiences. By having the video, we were able to re-live moments that we may have forgotten, or notice details that we hadn’t on the day of the wedding. As the bride, I especially appreciated seeing the ceremony procession. Since I was last in the procession, I was not able to see the bridal party walk down the aisle (including the adorable ring bearers and flower girl). I really enjoyed getting to see the ‘perspective’ of the other side! Please make sure that you have a videographer on your wedding day, and please make sure it is Best Made Videos. You will be so glad you did!"

Kelly and Mike are dear friends, and I was ecstatic when they asked me to help capture their wedding day.  My wife Dorothy was a bridesmaid, as were many of her girl friends. Dorothy and Kelly bonded while studying abroad in Spain years earlier.

What really made this wedding so memorable, was the song that Mike sang to Kelly at the reception.  A bit of a musician himself, Mike had written a song for Kelly when they got engaged.  He played it to her when he proposed.  After their entrance into the wedding reception he surprised her (and the rest of the guests) with a live performance that left the entire room speechless.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house, myself included.

Besides just a wedding recap video, this 6 minute piece of videography to me is a tangible representation of Kelly and Mike's love and the life they have built together and will continue to build in the future.  This is where I find my ultimate joy, giving couples a small token like this that they can view, share and hold onto for years and years to come.  I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Photographer - Haze Gray Pixels

Venue - Lord Hills Farm

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Fincher Wedding Video

Fincher Wedding on 9/3/16 at Chambers Bay Golf Course in Tacoma, Wa

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"Reid, we are speechless and I am crying.  Ronnie keeps saying wow.  I'm so thankful I heard you on the blog that one day - there would of been no one that could come close to what you captured for us.  Thank you thank you."

"Very satisfied with the service. Outstanding."

This is one of my favorite wedding videos of all times, hands down.  The second Ina and I spoke on the phone we knew that we were destined to work together.  We immediately met up when Ron got off work and spent the afternoon laughing and getting to know each other while planning their upcoming Labor Day weekend wedding.

The love that these two share for each other radiates off the screen and their ceremony was one of the funniest, yet most sincere I've ever had the opportunity to capture.  From interrupting the ceremony in order to get his 2 cents in over a story being told by the officiant, to trying to steal Ina's vows to pass off as his own, Ron truly is a character and it's easy to see why Ina loves him so much.

My favorite part of the video are the quiet moments of Ron and Ina walking down by the old structures that make up the unique landscape of Chambers Bay.  With the one-of-a-kind look and feel of Chambers Bay (almost something from another planet) you as the audience could imagine this moment taking place 50 years in the past, or 50 years in the future as Ron and Ina's love seems to have no end.

Please take a moment and watch this video and experience a love for the ages.  I'm only so honored that I could be there to take part in this amazing day!

Photographer - Tasha Owens

Flowers - Jen's Blossoms

Venue - Chamber Bay

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Duprel Wedding Video

Duprel Wedding on 8/13/16 at The Edgewater House in Olalla, Wa

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"Reid and Best Made Videos were amazing!! I absolutely could not have been happier with how the video turned out! Reid was very professional and helpful throughout the whole wedding. He got some wonderful footage and the video was put together perfectly! The turnaround time was very quick as well which was awesome because every bride wants to see her wedding as quickly as possible! I would hire Reid and Best Made Videos again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for everything!"

Melinda and Matt's wedding is certainly one of my most favorite wedding videos from this past summer.  The Edgewater House in Olalla is one of the coolest wedding venues I have ever seen.  Located right alongside the beach, this private residence doubles as a wedding venue, giving you the opportunity to get married right on the water as the tide rolls up the beach.

Melinda and Matt were great, easy going and down for anything.  The best part of the night I think was when they swung each other back and forth on the giant rope swing (an Edgewater exclusive) while the sun set off in the distance.  Rounding off this amazing wedding day was a private fireworks show put on by the venue.  It made for a great conclusion to the day and a great addition to their wedding video.

The joy and love that they share for each other truly radiates off the screen when you watch their wedding video.  I still get chills watching their sparkler exit and the happiness on Melinda's face as the two run off into the darkness together.  I encourage everyone to click the link above and experience their amazing wedding day first-hand!

Venue - Edgewater House

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Williams Wedding Video

Williams Wedding on 7/1/16 at DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Wa

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"This was incredible!!! Thank you so much, it's beautiful. Somehow it turned out better than we could have imagined."

What an amazing  wedding day to be a part of!  Jeff and Megan were great to work with, easy going, fun to be around, and most importantly excited for their wedding!  The venue was superb, the weather couldn't have worked out better, and it was even on my BIRTHDAY, what a blast indeed.  Having never been out to DeLille Cellars I was excited to see what all it had to offer, needless to say I was not disappointed.

Working alongside Genesa Boosz was a fantastic experience as we were both able to collaborate together to get the shots that we needed to create beautiful wedding videography and photography. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were fun and down for anything, which made picture / video taking an absolute breeze.  Touching vows in the quiet forested area behind the Cellar rounded the day off perfectly and made this a fun, unique wedding video that I can be proud of and share with you today.

One of my favorite moments from this wedding video was when Jeff and Megan (in the middle of their first dance) broke into the Chicken Dance!  The two had met years ago and one of their first memories together was doing the chicken dance, so they wanted to make sure to incorporate that into their wedding day.  The entire crowd erupted into cheers and laughter and it really made for a wonderful wedding moment.

I encourage you guys to check out this wedding video to get to experience the day yourself!

Photographer - Genesa Boosz

Venue - DeLille Cellars

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