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Robak Wedding Video

Robak Wedding on 5/12/17 at The Canal in Ballard, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"Initially we were not going to hire a videographer for our wedding however after seeing the videos on Best Made Videos website we knew it would be mistake to not explore our options. After just talking to Reid via email we knew that he needed to be a part of our special day. Reid met and exceeded all of our expectations and was so much fun to work with! His professionalism was appreciated but his personal commentaries not only made our wedding video priceless but made us feel like he had been our friend for years. We will cherish this video for the rest of our lives, thank you so much Reid!!"

Katie and Brett had THE most emotional wedding day ever...I'm serious!  Whether they were laughing, crying, or cry-laughing, these too were absolutely fantastic.  From Brett asking for a drink in the middle of his vows, to the entire bridal party being unable to all "WOOO" at the same time, this wedding video has too many funny moments to list.  

Katie and Brett were not going to get a wedding video, and only brought me on last minute on the suggestion of their photographer.  I was so honored to get to share their day with them, and I believe they are super excited and thankful that they decided to pull the trigger and spring for video at the last minute.  It's something that they can always have and share with family and friends including their young daughter.  What a fun treat it will be for her to relive the whole day over and over again when she gets older!  Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy!

Venue - The Canal

Photographer - Haze Gray Pixels

MUA - Onsite Beauty By Brooke

DJ - DJ Mike Moovz LLC

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Balsoma Wedding Video

Balsoma Wedding on 4/29/17 at Great Hall at Green Lake

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

See their video testimonial here -

"We were not originally planning on having a videographer. We didn’t put it in the initial budget or think it was necessary. But after talking with Reid and looking through his website (I think I literally watched every video on his blog in one afternoon), I had to have video. And I had to have Best Made Videos. Reid was so great to work with from beginning to end. He and his assistant Jeff worked so seamlessly with our photographers and they made an amazing team. I can’t believe how beautiful the video turned out - plus we got it only 3 days later! We have no regrets whatsoever of fitting it into the budget. It’s true what they say, the day really does go by in a blur, and having those moments captured in such an elegant and captivating way is priceless."

"Best Made Videos does fantastic work.  My wife and I have no regrets about getting videography for our wedding, and we're both extremely happy with went with Best Made Videos.  Videography is great not only to relive the moments when you were there, but also to see what happened when you were out of the room.

First, Reid is incredibly responsive.  I'm not sure when he sleeps, but he always responds to messages in a timely manner.  He answers your questions, and responds to your concerns.  He never dropped communication with us.

Second, Reid and his assistant were fantastic throughout the wedding day.  They were always there if you looked for them, but they were never in the way.  And yet, going back through the footage, they got everything.  The video work and the sound quality are great.  We've got speeches, shots of the guests, even the father of the bridge getting his groove on (while the bride and I were away taking pictures).

So now we come to value.  Everyone knows if you're willing to pay, you can get the best.  But value is what really drew us to BMV, because we didn't have a blank check for all the expenses.  When you look at the Best Made Videos site, you don't see the cheapest videography out there.  But Reid gives you everything you're going to want, up front.  Look at the others and they want extra for speeches, extra for the ceremony, extra for time, etc.  With Best Made Videos, we got speeches, ceremony, and our entire reception covered.  AND a second shooter.

In addition, we had our highlight video delivered in 3 days.  Our full video was delivered the 4th day, and came with all the raw footage.  The only extra charges are for drone use and 4K.  When we priced out everything we wanted that Best Made Videos includes, BMV came out to be the better value, plus it's the exact styling we wanted.  There's just no better choice."

What a great day for a wedding!  Dominick and Brooke had the perfect Spring wedding day in Seattle.  Just a block from Green Lake, the Great Hall at Green Lake provided a perfect place to get married.  Avoiding the rain, we ran around Green Lake for an hour or so prior to the ceremony getting a set of wonderful portraits and bridal party photos/video before venturing back to the Great Hall for their wedding ceremony.

Although Dominick (at the urging of their officiant Huey) had rewritten his vows to Brooke 3 times prior to finally delivering them during the ceremony, Brooke knocked it out of the park and read vows so perfect and so impactful, that their literally wasn't a dry eye in the house (this videographer included).

Take a moment and check out this spectacularly fun wedding video and even watch their video testimonial to learn more about working with Best Made Videos for your wedding videography.  Enjoy!

Venue - Great Hall at Green Lake

Photographer - Rebecca Jane Photography

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Losic Wedding Video

Losic Wedding on 3/31/17 at The Golf Club at Newcastle

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed – and Marija Serifovic

“What can I say…. great team, excellent work and amazing work ethic.
Whole team kept up their enthusiasm with our special day as if it was theirs.

Thank you so much for making our special day memorable. We will certainly recommend this company to all friends and family!”

The Golf Club at Newcastle is one of my most favorite wedding venues in the greater Seattle area. A secluded golf club on the top of Newcastle overlooking both downtown Bellevue and Seattle, the views are unmatched.  I really don’t think you can go wrong in choosing this iconic venue for your wedding day,

I already knew Danijela and Fedja, having shot their friend’s wedding earlier last year.  I was honored to receive the call and to team up with Patrick Nied to give them a wedding day they could remember always.

Stunning views, beautiful details, memorable portraits and even a live performance from Marija Serifovic herself, this video truly has it all!  When the entire reception breaks out into song and turns into a two-hour Bosnian concert, you know it’s going to be a fun wedding video.

My favorite part of the night at Newcastle is always our portrait session on the back lawn as the sun sets behind us.  You can see Lake Washington and Seattle in the background and I don’t think a more scenic picture exists within the city limits.

More than anything else, the love between Danijela and Fedja is inspiring.  They are loving, caring people and it was so fun getting to spend their wedding day with them, their daughter, and the rest of their family.  I hope you take a moment to check out this wedding video and enjoy all of the sights and sounds for yourself!

Photographer – Patrick Nied Photography

Venue – The Golf Club at Newcastle

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Cone Wedding Video

Cone Wedding on 9/18/16 at The Arctic Club in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from –
The Music Bed –

“I have been meaning to write this review for months but I knew it would be lengthy and I wasn’t sure where to even start! Reid was simply amazing! He is a true professional and kept great communication throughout the whole process. He responded fast, was super affordable for his quality of work, met with us months in advance, followed up with us prior, showed up on time and was very organized. Our video was so beautifully done and we had it back within DAYS! We didn’t have to wait weeks or months. We had our perfect wedding highlight video, full ceremony video, and extra footage within only a few days. The best part about working with Reid was who he is as a person though. He didn’t feel like a vendor or someone just there to film our wedding, he felt like a friend or family member that was supposed to be there. I was nervous/awkward thinking about having a camera watch us while we were hanging out or getting ready but Reid made it easy to forget the camera was even there. After the wedding, I was chatting with a friend and telling her that she has to have Reid as her wedding videographer and she asked how I knew him. It was fun to let her know that I didn’t know him prior but that he is just one of those people with such an easy going and comfortable personality that makes you feel like you know him. If you are reading this review and need a videographer, you’ve found him! Thank you so much Best Made Videos!”

One of my favorite wedding venues in Seattle along with one of the best couples I have met in a long time, Erica and Jordan were absolutely great!  Their wedding day was full of love and laughs and with details (dress, shoes, bouquet) to die for, this is one wedding video you don’t want to miss out on!  The two recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world and I couldn’t be more excited!  These two are going to raise a wonderful family together.

Venue – Arctic Club

Photographer – Alex Studio

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Donoso Wedding Video

Donoso Wedding on 9/4/16 at The College Club of Seattle in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"Reid was an absolute pleasure to work with. Prior to the wedding he was accessible and more than happy to work with us as we ironed out details for the wedding. During our wedding Reid worked closely with our Photographer coming up with creative and unique photos and video footage. Because of this, Reid was able to produce a wedding video that not only do we love and cherish but our family and friends have commented on how much they love it as well and brings tears to their eyes every time they watch it. Reid even took time to help us make sure that we were able to embed the live stream of our wedding onto our wedding website so that our family and friends who live in different states and another country could watch and still be a part of our very special day. Reid is a courteous professional who is extremely talented. We can't recommend Reid enough if you are looking for a videographer who will be able to capture your special day."

What a special wedding day for Alex and Erin.  Located directly on South Lake Union, The College Club of Seattle (a rowing club) is a truly remarkable spot to hold a wedding ceremony!

I did by best to tie in some of the nautical and boating aspects of the venue throughout the video, starting with the details at the beginning.  I still love the shot of Erin's dress hanging in the boat storage room downstairs as well as her garter belt dangling from one of the oars nearby.

A beautiful sunny Labor Day weekend (not always a given in Seattle!) as well as a wonderful group of vendors made this a wedding for the memory books!  Check out their highlight video above to see all the love and joy from their wedding day for yourself!

Venue - College Club of Seattle

Photographer - Longnecker Photography

Coordination - A Piece of Cake Events

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Apigo Wedding Video

Apigo Wedding on 8/27/16 at The Des Moines Yacht Club in Des Moines, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"We were so happy with our trailer and full video that Reid made for us. Having a videographer was really important for me for our wedding, but in looking around, it seemed the cost for what you were provided was just not feasible. Until I saw Reid's site. He goes above and beyond for his couples and his turn around is SO FAST! We loved watching our trailer on our honeymoon, and saved our full length film until we got back so that we could watch it with family and friends. I loved every minute of watching it, and getting to see moments of the day that I never saw on the actual day. It was so special, and I would recommend any couple to Best Made Videos!"

Kimberly and Henry's wedding last August at the Des Moines Yacht Club was laugh-filled and dripping with all sorts of love and devotion.  Kimberly had a vision for her wedding day, and from the start that included videography.  Incorporating in some aerial drone video work of both the beautiful scenic views of the venue as well as shots of the wedding party and couple add some fun and creative flair to this wedding video.

A beautiful first dance as well as a gorgeous sunset photo session before closing out the night really make this a wedding video to remember.  I'm so glad that Kim and Henry chose us to be a part of their wedding day and I hope they are able to enjoy their wedding video for years and years to come.  Enjoy!

Photography - Christopher Gendron Photography

Venue - Des Moines Yacht Club

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Alford “Surprise” Wedding Video

Alford "Surprise" Wedding on 11/27/16 at Mama Stortini's in Puyallup, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"When Ron and I planned a last minute surprise wedding Reid was awesome to work with. He let him know upfront that we had a unique situation with our surprise wedding and a very sick child with cancer.. We wanted to make sure whatever video we got that it not only mirrored the love we felt, but offered a lot sentiment to both our children and all others who would see it. Reid went above and beyond with editing and giving us all the clips we wanted, He even did last minute edits upon request. The video turned out amazing and we will cherish it forever. It will give our young kids a forever memory. It also gave many of our friends a family a view of our wedding, which was awesome since we had a very small wedding party. Our 3 kiddos have already asked to watch it several times. Reid did a fabulous job at being sensitive to our needs and also giving us everything thing we asked for. The surprise wedding when off without a hitch and we have had the coolest comments about the video. Many people have adored it. Thank you Reid!"

Ron and Desiree's surprise wedding was one of the most emotion-filled wedding days I have ever had the opportunity to take part in.  Planning their wedding in under 4 weeks all the while having a child in the hospital is no easy feat.  Ron and Des made it happen and the result is something truly extraordinary.  Read about the whole experience in Desiree's own words.  Their love, just like their wedding day is truly out of this world!

"How to Plan a Wedding in 4 Weeks: Just Make it a Surprise!

October 16, 2016, I walked into a restaurant and found my entire family and closest friends waiting for me. I turned to Ron and before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. 

Overjoyed with excitement, as the evening ended, Ron and I went back to his house and planned our "surprise wedding." For Ron and I, we did not have any desire to have a large wedding, we also knew without a doubt we were supposed to be married. The actual "wedding" wasn't that important to us. What was important was being married, getting our family under one roof, and starting our life together while honoring God, each other, our children, and our family.

Our story is unique for several reason -- As our relationship developed we knew Ron would fulfill the role as "Daddy" for my 5 year old daughter, Hartley. On the other hand one of Ron's twin son's, Vanny, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, and for us it made more sense than ever to get our family together, united under one roof to create more stability for one another and our children.  

For us, there was no reason to wait! Our other option was just to run down to the court house immediately! And we did discuss that several times. 

The surprise wedding became such a cool options for us because it gave us a unique way to plan a small wedding, in a short time (4 weeks), while still making it incredibly memorable and honoring to our family, friends, and most importantly, our children. We also felt like nothing in our relationship was "standard." Every part of it developed it such awe inspiring way, thus getting our marriage started differently -- just made sense."

Photographer - Sincerely Nellie Photography

Venue - Mama Stortini's Puyallup

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Taylor Wedding Video

Taylor Wedding on 9/10/16 at The Great Hall at Union Station

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"Reid at Best Made Videos was so helpful throughout the whole wedding process! He worked wonderfully with our photographers and made the whole video process a breeze. Reid made sure to capture both the little funny moments and the big special moments. Our video turned out to be so unique and full of our personalities, we love watching it! The video was available to watch on our honeymoon and we are so thankful for that:)"

This is a cool wedding video.  Starting at the Alexis Hotel in Downtown Seattle, Caleb and Michelle got ready with their MASSIVE wedding parties.  What can I say, these kids must be popular!! lol  The large groups provided for plenty of wonderful candid moments as both the bride and groom got ready in separate rooms at the hotel. 

Heading down to the waterfront for a first look in front of The Great Wheel, Caleb and Michelle got a bunch of beautiful family photos in a very iconic Seattle location.  Plenty of tourists and onlookers were able to catch a glimpse of the fun time being had by all.

Their wedding venue, The Great Hall at Union Station was decked to the nines for a truly elegant wedding ceremony and reception.  Surrounded by all of those close to them, Caleb and Michelle tied the knot and had a brief moment of prayer, before exiting the venue as husband and wife.  

We were able to capture a few stunning portraits out front of the venue including an epic dip right in front of the old station, before the bride and groom made their way inside to dance the night away with 400 of their closest friends.

Caleb and Michelle were so relaxed and calm throughout the day, one would think that they get married every single day! lol.  Take a few moments to check out this fun wedding video, the music has a fun and youthful feel which really compliments this fun and unique couple and there's some fun detail shots and candid moments scattered throughout.  Enjoy! 

Photographer - Joe and Patience

Venue - Great Hall at Union Station

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Briggs Wedding Video

Briggs Wedding on 10/15/16 at Historic 1625 in Tacoma, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"I am so happy I decided to book Best Made Videos! Reid was so great to work with. I was so torn about hiring a wedding videographer, I couldn't decide if that was something I wanted to do. Then a few months before the wedding I decided to go for it and I found Reid and he (thankfully) was not yet booked for my wedding date. I can't tell you how glad I am that I decided to have a videographer. It is so amazing to be able to watch a video of your wedding day. It gives you something that pictures can't. And Reid made us such a beautiful wedding video that I love watching it over and over again. If you are thinking about booking a videographer... trust me, you will be so happy you did and you can't go wrong with Reid of Best Made Videos."

This is a super fun, unique wedding video.  Alexis and Joe's moms were best friends years before they were born.  When one had a daughter and one had a son, they joked to each other that one day the two would marry.  Who would imagine that years later and life-long best friends already, that Alexis and Joe would marry each other in a day truly overflowing with love.  You see everybody else in their lives seemed to have been in on the joke from the beginning and they were all overwhelmed with joy that Alexis and Joe finally caught up with the program! 

To quote her maid of honor "Seriously, I hope it's ok that I pitch this story to Hollywood," because Alexis and Joe's love story is one for the ages, and it is the kind of story they base epic romance movies on.  Friends from birth and destined to be together, it only took them 20+ years to finally tie the knot!

I say this a lot but this is a one of a kind story, a one of a kind wedding and most importantly a one of a kind wedding video.  Enjoy!

Photographer – Courtney Bowlden Photography

Venue - Historic 1625

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Joers Wedding Video

Joers Wedding on 10/1/16 at Hotel Deca in Seattle, Wa

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"I'm so glad that my husband and I used Best Made Videos to capture our wedding day.  Most of the wedding advice we received was to make sure we secured an amazing photographer and someone we trusted. We didn't think about a videographer much, and we didn't originally budget for one. A couple of months before our wedding, I woke up one day with one of those AHHH feelings, realizing that I really, really, really wanted to have professional video from our most special day. We found Reid and Best Made Videos. I loved how his videos didn't have this over the top "cheesy" feeling that a lot of companies do. Each video felt unique to the couple of their wedding experience. I knew that's what I wanted. Reid was so fast in responding to our messages, meeting up, and going over the details with us. He was also more affordable, which really helped us take the jump. We're both a little bit on the shy side, and on the day of our wedding, Reid just stepped into the most special moments of our lives seamlessly, as if he was a comfortable friend. Nothing felt staged or awkward as I imagined it would, and he truly captured us and our personalities and energy. I am so grateful that we decided to have video of our wedding, and that we used Best Made Videos. Of course the pictures are extremely important, but the wedding video is invaluable to us. We continue to watch it often, and it's really the perfect and only way to relive your day. It all goes by so fast, and the video will help you hold onto all of the little details, moments, and special memories in the most perfect way. Thank you so much, Reid!"

What a fun, Seattle wedding video.  Amber and Michael met at Hotel Deca years ago. Michael was working with the staff at the hotel cleaning up after an event in the downstairs event space.  Amber was finishing up a performance when the two met for the first time.  They came back to that very room surrounded by their family and friends to tie the knot and celebrate an amazing wedding day.

From some fun hotel inspired detail shots to a beautiful photo session on the rooftop, there are some really fun moments that make this wedding video one of my favorite.  

Heartfelt vows from both Michael and Amber really helps to express the love and devotion both share for each other.  This was a wonderfully beautiful wedding day that I was happy to get to share with both of them.  Check out the video link above to experience all the love and joy for yourself!

Photographer - Danielle Barnum Photography

Venue - Hotel Deca

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Morrison Wedding Video

Morrison Wedding on 12/31/16 at The Embassy Suites in Portland, Oregon

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

"Absolutely amazing! I reached out to several companies but Reid was more than responsive and flexible and made me feel really good about working with him and his company. I HIGHLY recommend them, they came prepared with ideas for great videos and had an incredible response time from day one. Stop looking for a videographer and just call/email Reid with Best Made Videos. You won't be disappointed!"

Who knew you could have so much fun working!  On New Year's Eve no less!!!  Andrea and Gus threw was has to be one of the greatest New Year's Eve parties of all time, and then two people happened to get married!

A truly sophisticated black tie affair in Downtown Portland at the beautiful Embassy Suites brought together family and friends for a night of celebrating and love.  Andrea and Gus filled a room with joy and laughter as they stood in front of their closest friends to tie the knot and become husband and wife.  Touching, personal vows along with some beautiful imagery captured in the lobby make this a fun and unique wedding video.  

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were at the top of their game keeping the couple laughing all night, while the families of both Andrea and Gus were able to celebrate and take in all the fun that the night had to offer.

Working alongside the fantastic Kayley Hoddick was an added pleasure as we were able to capture and showcase the love and care that Andrea and Gus have for each other.  Do yourselves a favor and watch this video and experience all of the fun!  This party is one that I won't soon forget!

Photography - Kayley Hoddick

Venue - Embassy Suites Downtown Portland

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Vega Halloween Video

Vega Wedding on 10/29/16 at Huber's Gasthaus

Music licensed from -
The Music Bed -

See their video testimonial here!

"In the beginning of our planning process for our wedding, we foolishly believed we did not need a videographer. I am so glad that mindset changed in time for us to find Reid of Best Made Videos. The theme for our wedding was "Halloween", and for a wedding with such a unique and awesome theme you need to have an equally unique and awesome videographer. Reid's style and way of editing is perfect. Shooting with him was fun and he worked alongside our photographer so well. His wife assisted him for our wedding day and she was an absolute delight to have for all the confidence-boosting! Reid gets your footage to you within 72 hours, which is so fantastic because I couldn't wait to see it! Everyone loved watching the video once it was finished, it was an absolute hit! I cannot thank Reid and his wife enough for being a huge part of our wedding day. If you are searching for a videographer, Best Made Videos is the videographer you want and need for your wedding!"

This is a cool wedding video, plain and simple.  RaKayla and Juan LOVE Halloween.  They love Halloween so much that they wanted to throw the ultimate Halloween Wedding extravaganza!

After years of planning and 2 days of non-stop decorating, their vision came to life. Complete with a fountain of blood and bones, to a pitch black wedding dress, their day screamed Halloween through every spooky detail.  

A highlight has to be their first look, when RaKayla scared Juan wearing a creepy mask. Juan tried to play it off as cool, but I was there and I will tell you I think he was shaking in his boots just a little bit.  

I am beyond honored to share this wedding video with you today and I hope you enjoy every creepy, crawly detail!  

Photography - Vibrant Lens Photography

DJ - DJ Suave

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